Self-guidance and stress reduction


Self-guidance and stress reduction


Self-guidance and stress reduction

During the presentation at the ANBAMRO learning week and during lectures and webinars, the theory is supplemented with practical exercises that allow you to immediately relax your mind.

The theory is for increasing insight, the exercises to directly experience the effect. The tips to reduce stress and exercises can be downloaded from this webpage.

For training or coaching

Do you know the feeling of pressure, being rushed, fatigue? Learn to use your body intelligence and guide yourself in stressful situations. Balance your thinking and feeling and learn to work relaxed even when work pressure is high. You already have the intelligence to guide yourself! Insight into your feelings gives more inner peace and energy.

Our training courses are very effective for people who regularly:

– Experiencing conflicts within oneself and feeling unhappy.
– Experiencing stress in the way they perform their task and the conflicting interests in this.
– Fearful and insecure about the changing circumstances.
– Experience feelings of conflict and insecurity in relationships with colleagues.
– Difficulty balancing work and private life.

During our training you will learn:

– Bringing balance between your thinking and feeling.
– Solve your own problems on the basis of the exercises and the question technique,

so that you can immediately experience the positive effect on your autonomy and job satisfaction.

– Experience more contact with your needs and own insights.
– Ways to quickly reduce stress.
– Transforming intense emotions into vitality and presence.
– Set clearer boundaries and experience your vitality and pleasure.
– Discuss your wishes and formulate these as requests.
– Strengthen vitality and autonomy and improve your relationships

Download the PowerPoint with theory and relaxation exercise.

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