To Test

Tests are a tool to increase self-awareness. This page contains the 4DKL test and the DISC test.


To Test

Tests are a tool to increase self-awareness. This page contains the 4DKL test and the DISC test.
The 4DKL is an analysis of the complaints you have and the DISC test provides insight into the style of your personality and how you deal with challenges and complaints.

Both tests can be taken for free on our website.

The 4DKL  is a scientific test for adults that helps to map psychological complaints. It gives a score for mental functions and personal factors, it is an indication of the degree of psychosocial complaints experienced in the past week.
The test takes 3 to 10 minutes and provides insight into the complaint based on four dimensions: distress, depression, anxiety and somatization.
After the test you will immediately see the result.
If you would like to receive a more detailed result with an explanation, you can optionally leave your details.

Tests that you can do yourself for free.

Profile Research

The profile survey provides an overall picture of the candidate / employee. The following profiles are included here: the way of thinking, the professional interest and character traits. read more


The job model search includes relevant criteria that a candidate suitable for this job must meet. When answering the questions, use can be made of an existing job description. read more


This personality test consists of 120 statements. The test measures the employee’s motivation to work and provides insight into his or her personality in relation to work.  read more


The Team Analysis examines the strengths and weaknesses of a team. The degree of presence of a number of important factors is mapped out within the team. read more


This research gives both the client and the candidate a good insight into the extent to which the candidate has the qualities necessary to be successful in a sales position. read more


The customer-friendliness survey is used when hiring new staff or assessing existing staff and measures two things. read more

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