Peace of mind and heart, resolving the inner conflict

Resolve inner conflict and peace of mind ‘

E-learning course (8 lessons)

Superego is a part of our personality in which the voice of our parents and environment is internalized. The messages of correction and encouragement from our childhood still resonate in the present. It is not only the voice that we hear to correct our instinctive life (Id or Es), but it also expresses itself as a felt tension or cramp in our body. Ego is the part that tries to direct and mediate in this conflict of loyalty. To find a way between the many language instructions of the parents “conscience” and their own feelings. This conflict of loyalty does not only exist between language (thinking) and feeling, but also between the outside world (following the other) and the inside world (autonomy). A

conflict between being together with the other (the symbiosis) or being different in the individuality (the separation).   Many (inner) conflicts in different situations can be traced back to this primary conflict of loyalty between love, togetherness and truth / autonomy and can be experienced as very devastating. In difficult circumstances you seem to be unable to make a good choice without pain and suffering. In this apparent conflict of opposites and duality, it seems that we have to make a choice for one (I, ich) or the other. When we begin to perceive more precisely what that superego voice sounds like, the tone, the aggression and the intention behind it, we can begin to recognize that it is a voice from the past. By leaving both the thoughts and the feelings true and being and being near, the struggle dissolves and the openness and relaxation appears. When we allow this, our living dynamic presence manifests itself in the form of qualities of being such as joy, love, strength and connection. The course lasts 6 weeks but can be completed at a faster or slower pace. The 8 lessons consist of theory, audio and video tapes, meditations and background information. The costs are € 60. If you are interested in the course, you can register via thewebshop by purchasing this product. You can pay with ideal at the end of the ordering process. After the payment you will receive a confirmation by e-mail of participation.

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